Camden Assets Recovery Interagency Network

Other international CARIN type networks

The CARIN-style asset recovery network has proved a popular concept among jurisdictions from other regions. This has resulted in the establishment of other regional asset recovery inter-agency networks or ARINs.


Launched March 2009

17 jurisdictions

permanent secretariat NPO South Africa

2014 ARIN-EA

Launched in November 2013

8 jurisdictions

permanent secretariat in EAACA Uganda

2014 ARIN-WA

Launched in November 2014

16 jurisdictions

permanent secretariat Treasury Cote Ivoire

2010 RRAG

Launched JUly 2010

22 jurisdictions

permanent secretariat in GAFILAT

2013 ARIN-AP

Launched in October 2013

25 jurisdictions

permanent secretariat in South Korea SPO


Launched in June 2017

28 jurisdictions

permanent secretarit in RSS Barbados


Launched in November 2018

9 jurisdictions

permanent secretariat PGO Uzbekistan

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